I am extremely pleased with the work done by Oxford Education Consultancy. From the very beginning I knew that I had made the right decision in trusting them and I am a Graduate of Anglia Ruskin University.

Binod Puri
MA in Marketing & InnovationAnglia Ruskin University

I am in search of good universities in UK to pursue MBA after completion of my professional degree ACCA. I approached to Oxford Education, advised me get admission in University of Sunderland, the proper way of dealing with the students and the professionalism, enthusiasm and honest  behaviour of the faculties have changed my life and I am happy to be a part of Oxford.

Ambika Kafle
Master of Business AdministrationUniversity of Sunderland

When I look back my past and see my present day, I find myself lucky to get involved with Oxford Education Consultancy. I was so frustrated and sad about the loss of my college, when I get consulted by the well experienced consultants and when I got successful enrolment in Fairleigh Dickinson University, Canada, I felt myself blessed to have them in my life.

Bharat B. Rawal
Bachelor’s in ITFairleigh Dickinson University, Canada

Oxford Education Consultancy is the consultancy of genuine students. The services providing by Oxford is note worthy. I am very satisfied with the help and support that I received from them. They have reduced my burden to find the proper university and the program.

Pratik Man Pradhan
PradhanMSc Management with Project Management, BPP University

I have known Oxford Education Consultancy for more than two years and their service has always been excellent. Their understanding of business needs and culture of the organisation enables them to provide us with high caliber applicants. They have always been professional, honest and reliable and I would not hesitate in recommending OEC to anyone.

Uchit Pant
MSc. Management with Project ManagementBPP University

I came across Oxford Education Consultancy, in search of college for admission. They introduced me with London Center College located at London. I joined CTH Level 4, 5, 6. Recently I am doing level 7. I believe I have chosen the right consultancy and right College for my secure future.

Sabin Khadka
London Center College, CTH Level 7

The first impression I got from Oxford Education Consultancy is the fast track working. I was remained with a few days visa. I was searching to get admission in any college, where I can pursue my further studies. When I came to Oxford education consultancy and heard about the London School of commerce, I decided to do MBA, applied for CAS in second day and now I have got my visa and happy to recommend others friends to be in touch with Oxford.

Rajju Maharjan
MBALondon School of Commerce

Choosing Australia is my decision and Oxford Education Consultancy has made this dream come true. Thank you for your quick service and hard effort to get the visa successful.

Om Nath Acharya
AcharyaMBA Southern Cross University, Australia

After graduation I have tried to switch my visa for Tier2, I went to many consultancies for advice. I have got positive feedback from all of them. Finally I got negative advice from Oxford Education Consultancy that I should not go to work permit. They advised me in that way that I changed my mind and now I am doing Masters from Cardiff University. I am happy with my own decision that I took. Thank you for everything OEC.

Bikesh Basnet
BasnetBA in Hospitality & Tourism Management Edinburgh Campus, Heriot-Watt University

Oxford Education Consultancy is only the consultancy that I believe. They provide real information to the students about the University admission. I have known this consultancy since a long time. With great help and support of Oxford Education, I have successfully got admission to the Glyndwr University, UK.

Wishing you all the best and get succeed every year

Dilip Kumar Adhikari
MBA, Glyndwr University, UK

I am very happy to recommend Oxford Education Consultancy as a reliable and trust worthy and believed their quote “Simply get in touch with us and feel the difference”. I found lots of difference during the time. Wish you all the best for your future endeavor!!!

Devi Karki Dhakal
MA in Marketing & InnovationAnglia Ruskin University

I feel Lucky enough to Contact with Oxford Education Consultancy Team their Counselling and support has helped me to find my path of study in BPP university its more than a consultancy as they guide you to choose right university in the UK.

Shree chandra Lamichhane

Quality work and friendliness is why I chose Oxford Education Consultancy. They were organized and very easy to work with. During whole process of counselling to visa application, experience has been great. Your best qualities are enthusiasm, friendliness, professionalism and quality of work

Kalpana Shrestha Maharjan
MBA (International Business)University of Greenwich

Being contact with Oxford Education Consultancy Team is my fortune toward my career standing as a bridge between my career path to destination which is University of Sunderland .I  felt fully safety and happy so I always wish this consultancy go forward without any obstacle

Devraj Banjara

I have known to Oxford Education Consultancy since 2013. I am really satisfied with the services provided to me all the time. I recommend other students who really need help and to get real information to find colleges and universities. Thank you!!!

Santosh Bhandari

I highly recommend Oxford Education Consultancy as a professional, diligent and extremely competent consultant who helped me to find the right University and right course that I was looking for my strong career.

Muna Ghimire
MSc. Management with Work PlacementBPP University

After graduating from UK, there was no option for me to continue my studies in UK. With the advice and consultation of Oxford Education Consultancy staffs, I am able to take a decision to study in Canada. Thank you so much for your continuous help and support. I really appreciate and Good Luck to Oxford.

Dikshya Dhakal
DhakalMAS in Human Resource Management, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Canada

With the precious help provided to me on making different decision by really friendly and qualified staff of Oxford Education Consultancy allowed me to choose right program in right University with reasonable price.

Mikesh Karki

When I first visited Oxford Education Consultancy, London, it really impressed with the consultant service. When I went to website I am very satisfied with the Mission, Vision, Cultures and their Passion. I found more on them and can say that Oxford is one of the best consultancies in London, who helps students in different perspective. The free services they are providing give the full aid to the students. Good Luck Oxford Education Consultancy!!!

Muhammad Hussain Mehmood
MSc Management with Work PlacementBPP University

I have been introduced to Oxford Education Consultancy by one of my friend, on the very first day of meeting, I found the people working at Oxford Education a very professional, helpful and friendly. According to my last qualifications, they have advised me to study MSc Management (with Academic and Career Skills) at BPP University. I am very happy to be a student of BPP University and a part of Oxford Education Consultancy.

Saroj Bashyal
BashyalMSc Management (With Academic and Career Skills) BPP University

No matter how big or small the company is…just need a true heart and positive mind. I have got good consultation, got excellent documentation and chance to study BA (Hons) in one of the best universities of UK. Thank you so much for your great effort in making my dreams comes true.

Raju Thapa
BA (Hons) in Management, University of Sunderland