• Selection of Country: Have you ever thought which country fits your expectations for abroad studies? If not, there is nothing to worry about; OEC is always there to guide you on the right track for your bright future. Choosing the right Country to study abroad isn’t easy task as the factors from recognition of your home country’s qualification to obtaining the visa needs to be considered. OEC’s experienced consultant will always guide you in the right path.
  • Selection of Universities/College: Choosing the appropriate institutions is the essential part of achieving the educational goals for many International and National students. Teaching excellence, Modern resources, Multi Cultural Atmosphere, Recognised Qualification, Scholarship, Successful Alumni, Student Feedbacks, World-class Research, Historic Institutions, Exceptional Support and Great Social Responsibilities with other facilities needs to be taken into account while selecting the University. OEC will provide you all those information which will assist you on making informed decision on selection of right institution which suits your individual aspiration, educational goals and financial position.
  • Selection of Programme: OEC’s experienced advisors and experts always encourage potential students to select the best programme for suitable career path which helps them to explore their potential for better future.

Once the student chooses the Country, Institutions and programme; OEC’s recruitment team will assist our students throughout the application process and recruit them to respective programme on respective universities.

OEC’s Visa Expert team will assist throughout the documentation and visa application process in liaison with regulated country specific solicitors.

Attending the interview and obtaining the visa is the key issue on abroad studies for International students. Our Visa Expert team will conduct multiple mock interviews to prepare the candidate for interview process and obtaining the visa.

We guide our students on following aspects

  • Travel Itinerary Planning
  • Airport Pickup Facilities
  • Accommodation Arrangement
  • Job Guidance
  • Business Opportunities and Career Prospects
  • Mentoring